Book a plastic surgery abroad and save up to 70% on UK prices

Medical tourism is very popular in our days. A lot of reasons make patients take a surgeon abroad. The most commonly reason that force people to choose other countries than UK in order to have a surgery is the significant difference in plastic surgery abroad prices.

Why is plastic surgery cheaper abroad?

Some people consider that a cheaper surgery is less efficient or more unsafe. But that's an unrealistic scenario. That type of thinking is totally false. 

There are great medical clinics well equipped with last technology instruments and skilled professional cosmetic surgeons. The actual reasons that a plastic surgery abroad is so low is that the general life-cost is lower. 

  • The salary in Greece of crisis starts from 485 euros, and the main income for a middle family is up to 10.000 euros per year.
  • Construction rates are very low and real estate is lower.

Plastic surgery abroad packages

An other reason to choose a plastic surgery abroad is the all including packages. 

  • Transportation from to the airport 
  • Examinations and blood test before and after the cosmetic surgery
  • Experienced consultation pre-operating and after-operating the plastic surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgical wear
  • 24 hours nursing during your stay in the hospital

Where to perform a plastic surgery abroad? 

Plastic surgery seems not to have any critical risk for your health. Although you need to be well informed and feel safe before you take any decision. Visit the plastic surgery abroad and search for the information you need. There is a variate of topics and you are going to find the one you need. See some answer in most frequently asked cosmetic surgery abroad topics and do nor hesitate to contact personally in order to get more information. You can also look for before and after plastic surgery photos.

Book an appointment now and consulted by the experts. It is very important to find the plastic surgeon who can hear your needs and your expectations. Remember a good relationship between patient and plastic surgeon is very important.

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